Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Simple Fall Decorations

If you love to decorate for the seasons but don't always have time for elaborate displays, we have found some simple ideas that you can use.

Often a very simple display makes the most impact. This old milk can has been spray painted and filled with a dry arrangement. A sunflower and bow completes the arrangement.

You can use whatever you may have for the dry arrangement; if you live in an area where cattails grow they would be beautiful.

Use a color scheme for the painted can and bow that will work well with the outside of your home, or give it a bright pop of color.

Along the same lines is the pumpkin filled with sunflowers, leaves, and artificial cattails.

Your local craft store will have these faux pumpkins in many shapes and heights. The burlap bow has just the right touch and doesn't compete with the flower arrangement.

Either of these two arrangements placed by the front door would be wonderful seasonal displays that don't require a lot of work (or storage). If you like a little more add potted mums or more pumpkins to the display.

Or use these simple ideas to get your own creative juices flowing.
These adorable painted jars are another simple and quick decoration for fall. Find a leaf pattern you like and trace it onto contact paper. Cut out the leaves and place them onto the jars, then paint the jars in the colors you like.

Once the paint has dried peel off the contact paper leaves. Pour small pebbles or popcorn (un-popped) into the bottom of the jars and place a small votive candle inside.

Give the tops of the jars a little trim with raffia, ribbon, or whatever you have and its done!

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