Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kitchen Makeover Completed

The last stage of our kitchen makeover.

Once we had the cabinet doors completed we addressed the broken drawer. We needed to make it narrower so it would open instead of hitting the range.

We added a new glide area to the inside on the left side, then added a new front section. Once this was done and painted, the drawer itself had to be made narrower. It took a little effort, but it was certainly worth it.

You can see by the angle of this shot that the new drawer will open without catching on the range. The drawer fronts were trimmed with the flat screen molding and have new knobs.

On to the backsplash. Again, in order to keep a tight budget we decided to use beadboard on the backsplash. The kitchen sink was very close to the backsplash, so in that area we went with ceramic tile.

We didn't want to use a lot of tile to save cutting around difficult areas. We used a simple, white subway tile. It was very easy to do and gave a nice textural look.

We put the microwave in its spot, cleared the clutter, and used white canisters. We spent a few enjoyable hours making new topiaries to display; and new curtains were made that match the ones in the laundry room.

I found gorgeous draperies online for the dining room windows that were way, way too expensive. So I copied the style and made some that are perfect.

Since we did so well with the budget, we splurged and bought a pantry. It fits the area beautifully and the whole look is complete.

The kitchen was so wonderful after its makeover that my relative decided to get a new sink faucet. Now everything is perfect and she can enjoy it! At least until she sells it.

It was a great project and I enjoyed working on it. Tell us what you think!

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  1. I think kitchen before and afters are my favorite! Your kitchen looks amazing with everything that you have done. I especially love how you set a budget and stuck to it no matter what. You came across a few obstacles along the way and got creative with how to fix them. Nicely done!