Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Framed Baby Dress

Framing a baby dress can make a special piece of 'artwork' for a child's room.

While helping a friend re-design the room her granddaughters stayed in when they came to visit, I found an old baby dress that had belonged to one of the girls. It was such a darling dress, we decided to clean it up and frame it as artwork for the walls.

We wanted the project to be simple; this framing method doesn't protect the dress from damage or dust. However, it was easy to do and looks adorable in the room.

We measured the width and height of the dress (plus a little extra), then cut 1 x 2's for the frame and painted them white. We used a piece of luan for the back. We covered the luan with batting and yellow gingham fabric stapled onto the back side.

We then nailed the back onto the white frame and we were ready to hang the dress.

To hang the dress we simply used quilting pins -they are very short and don't show. We cut a piece of white poster board and folded it into an open "V" shape; we inserted this into the dress to make it puff out and used a little masking to attach it to the inside.

That's it!

This project can be adapted to make a frame that will protect the dress or other special piece, but we wanted to keep it simple. We hung the 'dress artwork' in the kids room and it makes a charming piece with family history.

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