Sunday, May 15, 2016

Repurposed Flower Planter

I have a wonderful screened porch that I love to use. I really wanted to grow some bright flowers on the porch but there is only one sunny spot and the pots would have to be above the floor about 3 feet. I had an old aquarium stand that belonged to my father that was rated to hold a huge amount of water so I knew it would be able to hold the weight of dirt. But it needed a makeover.

The stand is 4 feet long and 14 inches deep on the outside edges. However the measurements inside the large top opening were smaller. I wanted to drop some planters inside the opening which measured 45 1/2 inches long x 10 1/4 inches wide. I needed planter pots that would fit the width. I also wanted to lay ceramic tiles along the bottom to hold a few trailing plants that like shade.

I made a trip to our local home improvement store to see what I could find that would work. I also needed white spray paint so the stand would match the interior of my porch.

I found 3 plastic planters in a black and silver finish. They measured 10 inches under the rims, and 12 inches from edge to edge. This would be a good fit and the thicker rims would sit on top of the opening to hold the pots in place. Since they measured 12 x 12 at the rims, I knew 4 wouldn't fit the opening. I purchased an extra ceramic tile to fill in the space left over. I also found two short rectangle planters that matched the three large ones. I used these on the bottom.

The ceramic tiles were 12 x 12 and fit perfectly along the bottom of the stand as it measures 48 inches. I dropped all three pots into the opening and slid the extra tile under the rim of the last planter. The pots fit snugly against each other and the dark color contrasts with the new white paint and white (faux) marble tiles. I can keep my watering can on the extra tile at the top -to remind me to water!

I chose to plant petunias so they would trail down the sides. Bright pink ones to catch the eye in the daytime; and white ones in the center pot to glow in the evening. I love the look and I'm very happy to have my dad's old aquarium stand on my porch!

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