Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Free Centerpiece for Christmas

Christmas table centerpiece made with natural items.

A beautiful centerpiece for your Christmas table that is free! Or as free as you choose to make it.
The centerpiece is made from a log and some free Christmas tree trimmings from Lowes.

A limb from one of our trees blew down in a storm earlier this year and I cut this piece from it.  It's not terribly attractive by itself but it has some nice mottled-looking bark.

If you can find a piece of beautiful white birch, you won't need much trim. Make sure your log is free of critters before bringing it inside.

I chose the flattest side of the log to be the bottom and drilled three holes in the top for candles. The home store let me bag up greenery they had trimmed off of Christmas trees; I chose several different types of greenery. Then I simply hot glued the greenery to the top of the log leaving access to the candle holes.

Once the greenery was in place I glued on cinnamon sticks and a few (fake) red berries for color and scent.

It was an easy project that cost me almost nothing, but looks gorgeous on the table. 

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