Monday, March 15, 2010

Weeber, The Tree Frog

Meet Weeber, a plump tree frog who came to live on our screened-in porch last summer. We're not sure how he snuck in, but we're glad he did.

Weeber made friends with our little cat, Hallelujah, who is partially blind. When we lived in south Louisiana, Hallelujah had plenty of tree frogs to play with; she loved to 'play tag' with them and hop along behind them. She never hurt them, and playing tag with tree frogs was her favorite thing to do. After moving to north Louisiana two years ago, we never even saw a tree frog until Weeber showed up.

Weeber was quite content to play with Hallelujah three evenings a week and didn't seem to be afraid of her. He soon took over the wall fountain (see photo) for his private swimming pool, complete with a shower; found a hidden cranny near the ceiling for a bedroom; and hangs out on a potted palm tree during warm weather.

Weeber made such a "splash" with the family we began purchasing live crickets twice a week for his supper. When we asked the employee at the pet store how long the crickets would last in their container we were told they would live almost a week, but they would live longer if we purchased cricket food for them.

While we really enjoy Weeber, I told the young man at the pet store that I was drawing the line on buying food for my cat's pet's food!


  1. I love tree frogs!! We used to catch them and keep them when my brother and I were young. LOL Coming over for the Pets Blog Hop and following you now with both of my blogs. :) Stop by and visit if you get a chance!

    Tree aka Mother of Pearl

  2. Debi and April
    A delightful post - would love to see a pic of Hallelujah (how cute is that name!) playing with Weeber.

    Stopped by from MckLinky's Blog Hop.